Exploring Your Options For Medicare Insurance

Many seniors struggle to determine what type of Medicare insurance coverage is right for them. Oftentimes, this is simply because they do not fully understand the different available options. If you have found yourself dealing with this same struggle, you can learn more about each of your primary Medicare insurance options below. Taking the time to learn more about each of these options can help you to determine which option is best suited to your needs.

Option #1: Original Medicare Insurance

Original Medicare insurance coverage is broken up into Part A and Part B coverage. Part A coverage applies to any care that you receive in a hospital inpatient setting. There is no co-payment associated with this type of original Medicare insurance. Part B applies to any medical services that are provided on an outpatient basis. This includes visits to your primary physician and any specialists. There is a co-pay associated with Part B insurance claims. Original Medicare insurance does not provide coverage for prescription drugs, vision care, or dental care. 

Option #2: Supplemental Medicare Insurance

Supplemental Medicare insurance is intended to be an add-on policy that is used to supplement the coverage offered by original Medicare insurance. Supplemental Medicare plans help seniors to better manage their out-of-pocket costs by covering items that are not normally covered by original Medicare. This includes things such as prescription medications and Part B co-payments. While supplemental insurance can be quite valuable, this type of policy must be used in conjunction with original Medicare to provide a full range of coverage. 

Option #3: Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare Advantage plans are unique in the fact that they are intended to combine the benefits of original Medicare and Medicare supplement plans. Rather than carrying two different policies to meet all of your medical insurance needs, an advantage plan allows you to meet all of these needs in a single plan. 

A Final Thought

There is no such thing as a singular Medicare plan that is right for everyone. Determining what type of Medicare insurance is best for you will depend upon what type of medical care you typically require and what your out-of-pocket costs typically are. Taking the time to meet with an insurance agent that specializes in Medicare insurance can help you to best evaluate your coverage needs and to find a Medicare plan that is right for you. Best of all, most insurance agents will offer this service at no cost to you. Consequently, there is no reason to face the struggle of finding the perfect insurance policy on your own.  

For more information about Medicare, contact a local company.